About The Artist

My story started when I was a young girl and my father brought me to a Mica mine in New Hampshire.  I was torn between whether I wanted to chip away at the stones or head to the gift shop to get some rock candy.  He allowed me both!  After that experience, my intrigue and wonderment to learn more about “how does this beauty come from the earth” became real and true.

As I grew older, the drive to answer that question stayed with me and my curiosity to learn more about these beautiful stones from the earth became more and more intense.  As an adult I’ve poured my energy and passion into learning about the amazing healing properties that these stones from the earth encompass.  Healing stones from the earth are much more than eye-candy. Healing stones have powerful energetic properties that harmonize the mind, body and spirit.  Crystals align the seven chakras, which are energy centers in the body that promote the flow of healing life force. 

I have devoted my time and energy into learning different techniques to show off the beauty of these stones with intricate wire wrapping techniques to make them wearable as a pendant, a unique pair or earrings, or a special ring to showcase the magnificence of what nature produced and to appreciate and experience the positive energy of the stone. 

My Immense passion for expression in art form is continuously evolving and I love the excitement of wonderment and the opportunity to delve in to the ideas that lead to materialization.

My creations are based on a synergistic approach to design, utilizing a wide variety of composition, techniques, mediums and materials. 

Exploring creative and diverse techniques has broadened my artistic capabilities presented either through my work, or in sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm of jewelry making, artistry and appreciating the healing power of gemstones and crystals. 

There is no beginning or end to the unique nature of creativity and my goal is to enhance your own inner beauty by sharing the positive spirit of my passion through my creations.

Every piece is made by my own unique design and once you’ve had a chance to browse, you’ll see that my style varies widely.  I am inspired by many things, but mostly by the uniqueness, allure, and power of creativity.

I hope you enjoy and find something to enhance your own inner beauty!

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